The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants and Their Risks

The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants and Their Risks

September 1, 2021

Tooth loss is a common, unfortunate, and real issue that affects a lot of people. Dentures used to be the only option of replacing a missing tooth, which caused discomfort and pain to most people. With the advancement in modern dentistry, there is an option of dental implants, which is an alternative to other dental replacement procedures.

A dental implant is a metal screw surgically placed on your jawbone to replace a missing or damaged tooth. An implant is an artificial tooth root. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants that you need to know before opting for them.

Advantages of Dental Implants

The pros of dental implants are:

  • They aid in preserving the remaining healthy teeth.

A fixed bridge is a suitable option for replacing missing teeth when you have many healthy teeth remaining. But with this procedure, your dentist has to alter the remaining teeth by filling them down to a size where crowns can fit. These crowns serve as anchors to the bridges. The procedure weakens your healthy teeth and makes them susceptible to decay. Choosing dental implants is, therefore, the better option because it does not interfere with your healthy teeth. It also gives you a fully functional, long-lasting replacement of your teeth.

  • Dental implants make eating and chewing easier

Eating with your dental implants is just as easting with your natural teeth. It does not limit any food. If you are used to other dental appliances like dentures and are worried about the limitations of the other dental treatment options, then implants are the best option for you. So go ahead and eat your crunchy carrots or have your favorite food. Dental implants allow you to retain or regain you’re eating habits.

  • They Prevent bone loss

Unlike fixed dental bridges, implants preserve your jawbone. Once you lose your tooth, the jawbone starts to deteriorate over time as it is not receiving any stimulations. Dental implants, which are surgically placed on the jawbone, replace the missing tooth’s roots; they mimic the jawbone stimulations and prevent further atrophy.

  • Dental implants can last for a long period

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution to missing teeth even though the crowns need some replacement after 10-12 years. If you can take care of implants in the following ways, it can last you a lifetime.

  • Practicing good dental hygiene by regularly flossing and brushing
  • Adhering to scheduled dental check-ups
  • Avoid taking alcohol and tobacco use
  • Limit the intake of sugary, chewy, junk, and hard foods
  • Do not use your teeth for cutting or opening soda bottles
  • Dental implants can be easily taken care of

For dental implants to last for a lifetime, it needs to be taken care of, which is not difficult. Dental implants are taken care of in some simple steps, such as maintaining good oral hygiene, regular dental cleanings and check-ups, and many more.

The Cons of Dental Implants

The drawbacks that come with dental implants include:

  • The procedure is a lengthy one

A dental implant is not an option for you if you want a quick procedure. A dental implant takes several months to be completely installed. If the tooth to be replaced is damaged, it must be first removed and the site cleaned and prepared before fitting the anchor. After which, your dentist near you at 94566 will send you home for the site to heal and grow the surrounding bones. After some months, you will come back for the installation of the implants.

  • There are some requirements to meet if you want dental implants

There are some criteria and specifications to meet if you want to have dental implants. You have to be in good physical health condition. If you have a jawbone loss resulting from a damaged tooth, then it disqualifies you. People who smoke cannot undergo this procedure as smoking can cause the implant to fail.

Finding Dental Implants in Pleasanton, CA

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