Cosmetic Dentistry in Pleasanton, CA

At Elite Dental and Orthodontics, we know how important it is for someone to love their smile. If you are experiencing discomfort or a loss in your oral health and wellbeing, it may be time to consider cosmetic dentistry in Pleasanton. It allows you to achieve the look you’re going for, can improve your confidence, and restores your oral health.

We know your smile is so much more than just a simple smile. We listen to your questions and concerns with respect so we can create the right plan for you. When we’re done with the cosmetic dentistry treatment, you’ll be smiling a little wider and ready to face the world with your new smile.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry in Pleasanton?

Your dentist in Pleasanton, CA, can help you restore and enhance your teeth using different cosmetic dentistry options. There are many different methods that we can use to get you your dream smile, but the following are the most common measures that are taken.

Teeth Whitening

When we remove surface stains that can build up over usual wear and tear, we refer to it as a teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening treatments can remove stains caused by age, coffee, smoking, and even soda.


Veneers are custom-made for your specific teeth by a cosmetic dentist near you in Pleasanton. These ‘shells’ cover the front of your teeth and are made for worn teeth to replenish their function, look, and feel.


Crowns are a cap that is applied to the tops of the decaying or damaged tooth to prevent further issues.

Dental Bonding

When a tooth becomes broken, chipped, or cracked, a composite material is applied to the damaged area. This material is referred to as dental bonding.

If you have any questions about these treatments or others, we will gladly answer them and address any other concerns you may have during your consultation.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Elite Dental & Orthodontics in Pleasanton

Finding cosmetic dentistry in Pleasanton is as easy as giving Elite Dental and Orthodontics a call. We will perform a complete evaluation to check the health of your teeth and make any necessary recommendations so you don’t just get the smile of your dreams; you can restore your oral health so you can keep enjoying your new smile for years to come with our cosmetic dentistry treatment.

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