January 1, 2022

Anyone can have misaligned or crooked teeth. If you happen to fall into this category, the chances are that you find it difficult to flash a smile. At our dental clinic in Pleasanton, CA, you can get optimum teeth straightening treatments and follow-ups to help you correct these anomalies.

Teeth straightening treatments consist of different types. Over the years, dental treatments have improved and evolved. In dentistry, teeth straightening treatments fall under orthodontics. You can visit an orthodontist to correct dental irregularities, especially teeth misalignment or disorders affecting the jaw and causing the teeth to shift from the correct position.

Here are the fastest ways in which you can straighten your teeth:


You probably must have seen or heard of braces before. Braces can straighten teeth with mild and severe dental irregularities. Braces work by applying persistent pressure on your teeth over time. They consist of a metal framework that consists of brackets, bands, and archwires which are tightened to the teeth to help them move to their correct positions. The brackets are usually attached to the teeth with glue. After that, an elastic band “O-rings” would be connected around the brackets.

The brackets and bands are enough to apply pressure on your jaw, thereby moving your teeth properly. Next, your dentist would move over to your molar by placing spacers (a dental device made up of iron rings) to create space for the braces. Spacers are for patients who have don’t have enough room at the back of their mouths. Also, the archwires which would help your teeth move into place would be tightened on the brackets. Archwires are solid tools, and they are made of titanium or stainless steel. Once the archwires are damaged or removed from their place, the braces can become ineffective. If this happens, you should visit a dentist near you for a replacement.

Another fascinating news is that braces consist of different types. So if you are not comfortable with metal braces, you can speak to your orthodontist about other types of braces that suit you best. However, metal braces remain the strongest in correcting severe teeth misalignment.

If you are consistent with the treatment, you can get your teeth straightened on time and get that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Usually, people wear braces for two to three years. However, the treatment period depends on the severity of the patient’s dental irregularity.

Braces can be quite uncomfortable during your first try, but you would be glad that you got them.


Unlike metal braces that can be placed on the teeth only by the dentist, clear aligners or invisible aligners are custom-made and worn by the patients at home. They don’t need special dental appointments to be placed on the teeth.

Just as their name implies, they are transparent and barely noticeable by others. If you are looking for a teeth straightener that can add beauty to your teeth structure, you can get a clear aligner.

Note that clear aligners are not as strong as metal braces. They are best used for teeth with mild or moderate teeth misalignment.

Before getting your aligners, you have to see the dentist first. At the dentist’s office, the dentist would check the severity of your dental irregularity. If you are a candidate for clear aligners, the dentist would then get your dental impression. Your dentist would take your dental impression to a dental technician to make the clear aligners that properly fit your teeth structure.

You will receive the aligner trays when they are ready. Your dentist would also direct you on how to wear them properly. Depending on your treatment plan, you might require 25-40 sets of aligner trays to get your teeth aligned. Over time, as your teeth begin to move into the proper position, your dentist would provide you with retainers to maintain the new improvement and prevent your teeth from moving back to their former position.

Benefits Of Getting Your Teeth Straightened

Teeth straightening can provide a lot of benefits. You can get teeth straightening near you.

  • It can boost your self-confidence by allowing you to talk and smile with ease.
  • Apart from making your teeth look good, orthodontics can help you maintain good oral health. Once your teeth get straightened, you will be able to clean your teeth properly without obstructions.
  • Biting problems can cause several inconveniences. You might begin to reject some of your favorite foods because you can’t chew properly. Getting your teeth straightened would alleviate such issues.

Why Does Teeth Straightening Take Time?

Teeth straightening is a gradual process. Braces and clear aligners work by gently forcing your teeth to shift them into a new position. At Elite Dental Implants and Orthodontics, we do this over time to avoid injury to your teeth and gums. Please book an appointment with us right away.

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