Pre-Care and Post-Care Instruction about Neurotoxin

Pre-Care and Post-Care Instruction about Neurotoxin

May 4, 2022

Showing signs of aging is not easily accepted by everyone, so they turn to treatment options that can help them look younger once again. One treatment that is highly popular nowadays is Neurotoxin. During Neurotoxin treatment near me, a toxin known as botulinum is injected into the skin. This toxin relaxes the skin and underlying muscles, and blocks nerve signals from the muscles so that they relax and soften instead of contracting. Nowadays, Neurotoxin treatment has gained a lot of popularity, so it is important to learn more about it.

Most people choose Neurotoxin treatment to reduce wrinkles, lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes. Neurotoxin treatment can also be used as a treatment for TMJ disorders and reduce jaw pain and tension. If you are thinking about going for Neurotoxin treatment, there are some pre and post-care instructions that you need to know about. So, without further ado, let’s talk about that.

How Does Neurotoxin Work?

You can visit Elite Dental Implants and Orthodontics for Neurotoxin treatment in Pleasanton, CA. The treatment can be performed by a dentist near me, during which a thin needle is used to inject small amounts of botulinum toxin into your skin or muscles. Neurotoxin treatment near me is also used by a dentist near me to treat TMJ and also to help dentures fit due to shifting jaw muscles.

Is Neurotoxin Painful?

Neurotoxin treatment in Pleasanton, CA, is not as painful as people think. The procedure seems painful, but the pain is minimal even if you opt not to use a numbing agent. Injections are very quick, and you might not even notice when they happen. The needles used to deliver the Neurotoxin treatment are very small, so you will feel nothing more than a pinch.

Pre-Care Instruction

If you are going for a Neurotoxin treatment, there are a few things you need to do beforehand. Pre-care instructions are as follows:

  • Firstly, you have to stop consuming alcohol at least 24 hours before the treatment because alcohol may thin the blood.
  • You should also stop taking any medication like aspirin, Ibuprofen, or Advil as it has blood-thinning effects, which can increase the risk of swelling and bruising.
  • Results of the Neurotoxin treatment can take around 4 to 7 days to appear, So it is advised to book the appointment at least two weeks before the event you are preparing for.

Post-Care Instruction

Once the Neurotoxin treatment is completed, you need to do the following things:

  • After the treatment, you should refrain from manipulating the treatment area for as long as possible. You should also avoid receiving facial or laser treatments for at least ten days.
  • Some professionals believe that frowning and smiling after Neurotoxin treatment is a good way to help the Neurotoxin find its way to the muscles.
  • After Neurotoxin treatment, you should not lie down for at least 4 hours. This is an important step as it prevents Neurotoxin from collecting around your eye and cause drooping eyelids.
  • Lastly, you should refrain from engaging in vigorous training or heavy lifting for at least 6 hours after the treatment. This way, you can ensure that the Neurotoxin remains in the injected area.

Common Myths about Neurotoxin

There are some myths about Neurotoxin that are rampant among the general public; however, most of them are nothing but misconceptions. The first myth that people believe is that getting Neurotoxin treatment will make them lose the ability to make facial expressions. This is not true, and as long you are getting the treatment from a professional, you will be able to display all facial expressions.

Another misconception is that if you stop getting Neurotoxin, the wrinkles will worsen. This is not the case, and even if you stop getting Neurotoxin, the wrinkles will not come back stronger. Instead, they will just return to how they looked initially before you go the treatment. Lastly, people believe that Neurotoxin treatment is toxic. The FDA doesn’t approve treatments that pose a threat to the patient. Although botulinum toxin is used during Neurotoxin treatment, it is used in very small amounts. For it to be toxic, the person has to be injected with a huge amount of botulinum.

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