Lessons in Meal Plans: Nutrition and Oral Health

Lessons in Meal Plans: Nutrition and Oral Health

June 1, 2022

Haven’t you had your dentist in Pleasanton, CA, talk about nutrition and oral health enough times? Dental experts are passionate about sensitizing patients regarding the benefits of good nutrition on oral health. If you are struggling with maintaining good dental health, perhaps the one secret you should explore is the place of nutrition in dental health.

Understanding Nutrition and Oral Health

The relationship between good nutrition and excellent oral health is undeniable. What you eat repeatedly will impact your oral health and general body health. Whether you are concerned about your gum health or the strength of your teeth, good nutrition is fundamental in dental care.

The Impact of Nutrition and Diet on Oral Health

Many people fail to see the clear link between a good diet and healthy teeth. The foods you eat every day directly interact with your teeth. If you are constantly exposing your teeth to harsh foods, it will be difficult to excel in oral hygiene even though you are doing everything else right.

Recommended Healthy Meal Plans for Dental Health

Your biggest question as a parent should be, which foods are best for you and your family? Although this answer may not be obvious to you as to other people, you can get some help from a Pleasanton family dentist. Some of the meal plans you should consider for your family, mindful of your oral health, are:

  1. Vegetables – whether raw or well-cooked, vegetables are a great food choice. They will provide your body with all the necessary nutrients for optimal functionality. Dark green leafy vegetables are better since they promote healthy bones and teeth.
  2. Fruits – the health benefits of fruits may be the primary reasons you need to eat them daily. If you like to snack in between meals, consider fruits as alternatives to sweet pastries and other snacks.
  3. Water – although you may not consider water as food, it is crucial for excellent health. Water keeps your body hydrated. It is also a great component for washing out debris in your mouth. Besides, water neutralizes excess acids in your mouth that can harm teeth’ enamels.
  4. Sweetened water – homemade fruit juices can be healthy drinks for your family. Pick out your favorite fruits and pack them with some ice in a bottle. Add in some water and chill it for a while before drinking.
  5. Low-fat or fat-free milk products including, yogurts, cheese, and milk
  6. Lean proteins – protein sources like fish, salmon, skinless poultry, peas, lean beef, and dry beans are a great addition to your meal plan.

What to Avoid When Making Meal Plans for Dental Health

Sometimes it helps to know the things you can avoid when planning out for a healthy life. Some foods choices to avoid for the sake of your oral health include:

  1. Avoid the vending machines – contain sugary snacks that can elicit dental caries.
  2. Hard foods – if they are too hard, break them down into small pieces. Hard foods can chip, crack and break teeth. Raw vegetables and fruits like carrots, apples, and celery might be tough to bite. Since they are healthy additions to your meal plan, break them down into small portions. However, avoid other hard foods like popcorn kernels and ice cubes, to mention a few.
  3. Sticky foods like caramel, chewing gum, or gummy bears – these foods get stuck in fissures and in between teeth.
  4. Sweetened drinks – especially sodas and other carbonated drinks
  5. Heavily pigmented foods – if you are particular about keeping your teeth white, you will need to stay away from dark-colored foods. Examples include red wine, sauces, and coffee, to mention a few.

Is Eating Healthily Enough to Sustain Strong Teeth?

Even with consistent healthy meal plans, it will not be enough dental care to maintain a healthy mouth. You will still need to keep up with other oral habits like routine dental visits at Elite Dental Implants and Orthodontics. Some crucial aspects to include in your dental routines and schedules are:

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice every day
  2. Floss daily
  3. Regular dental cleanings will remove plaque and tartar from unreached parts of your mouth.
  4. Treat dental infections early.

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